Turbo Tube Slide - Green Review

Turbo Tube Slide - Green
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Turbo Tube Slide - Green ReviewOur daughter LOVES this slide. She has a great time on it, which makes the fact that it was a nightmare to assemble at least worth it. The instructions that go with the slide aren't thorough at all. For some parts of the instructions we just relied on common sense and guessing to get it right. For instance, we shouldn't have to look at a picture of the finished product to figure out which way the slide turns, it should be stated in the instructions if it makes a difference. And it does make a difference. Only half of the holes lined up if put on the wrong way (slide turning counterclockwise instead of clockwise) whereas all but 2 holes lined up going the other way.
Which leads me to the next complaint: not all the holes lined up . . .ever. The instructions state that some holes may need to be enlarged and that using screwdrivers on adjacent holes will help keep things lined up. This doesn't always work. We had to drill new holes in more than one place -- at least once per section.
It also states that mounting the slide takes a minimum of 3 people. These shouldn't be just any 3 people but 3 good-sized people. The slide is fairly heavy and awkward when assembled making it very difficult to hold up and keep straight at the appropriate height for mounting while actually doing the mounting and referring to the instructions to be sure to mount it properly.
There is also a support bracket for the base of the slide. Without this piece, the slide moves a lot while in use and doesn't seem very stable. Unfortunately, there is only a picture (and not a very detailed one) to illustrate how to make this support. We've done our best and it doesn't move nearly as much, but I'm still not sure if it's what the manufacturer actually intended. The same goes for the mounting bracket, with perhaps one sentence and one unclear picture for instruction -- it's not even clear if the mounting bracket is needed in every case or only in certain cases.
It took several hours to finish and there was a lot of frustration and cussing involved, but at least it's getting used daily. The smile on my daughter's face made it worth while.
Turbo Tube Slide - Green OverviewThis fun green tube slide has been constructed of fade-resistant polyethylene.Mount it to any 7ft high platform or playset for tons of outdoor fun.The turbo green tube slide meets or exceeds all ASTM standards for safety and can support up to 250 lbs. of weight.Its backed by the manufacturers warranty against cracking or fading. Some assembly is required.

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